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Crack of Light by prplhaze

Crack of Light


Another shot from the storm. So few of my photos turned out as I was determined to get a shot of a lightning strike. This was one of the few successes.

Please enjoy.

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    I was actually thinking about the best way to do these the other day. Assuming this is at night, or at least near dusk, wouldn't an effective way to catch lightning streaks be to set the camera on a long exposure?

    You might even get multiple strikes in there!

    I haven't been able to test this yet though.

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      There was a lot of cloud to cloud going on so it would have washed out a lot of the image as it lights up the whole sky. If you are further from the storm front say a few miles you can do longer exposures to get multiple strikes and such, but this storm was only about a half mile out so I had to do burst photos.

      This photo was taken just a little under an hour ago, it was as dark as it gets around the city at night so I had to run and gun it to get anything really.

      Ideally you would want to use a tripod and long exposure though.

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    Ah yes, you bring up some good points. Also a tripod is a must of course!

    Also do you mind if I ask what ISO you were at for these?

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      I went handheld for these shots, which I normally wouldn't do for night work, but surprisingly it yielded some nice shots. :)

      Here is everything about this shot:

      Camera: Canon EOS 60D

      Lens: Canon EF 50mm 1:1.8

      F-Stop: f/50

      ISO: 2000

      Exposure Bias: 0 step

      Focal Length: 50mm

      Metering Mode: Pattern

      Focus: Manual

      Filter: UV