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Eros2000 ~ June MMII Issue by Prostapheresys (critique requested)

Eros2000 ~ June MMII Issue (critique requested)


Eros2000 is a fictional monthly magazine existing within my head canon, sharing topics of fashion, lifestyle and most importantly, love!
Spreading love and beauty to all is it's main focus, and so unlike similar magazines, it is also full of erotic and sex-positive articles, with explicit interviews and photos of glamorous people regardless of gender or species.
This made it both revolutionary and scandalous amidst the general public, thus becoming one of the most known magazines out there in just a few years. Countless copies were distributed all over the world and the sales skyrocketed as they could appeal to any reader, shattering various taboos along the way.

What are you waiting for then? Buy your copy today, and get an exclusive read on some of the hottest characters and topics out there! ;P


Who said the fairer sex couldn’t also be strong? Enter exhibit 1: Ippolyta Demetriou, the Olympic female athlete who has demonstrated many times already her physical prowess and determination, here to inspire you!

(Interviewer): What an honour to have an athlete of your calibre with us today! Our staff is very grateful to both you and your manager for making this possible.
(Ippolyta): Aww thank you! And indeed my manager is the one you should thank the most… since he rarely leaves any free time in my daily training schedule, tsk!
(Manager): …and you should be thankful I’m deducting the time you’re spending on that treadmill from today’s workout, so keep going!
Ah ah! It is quite unusual to have an interview while our guest is running on a treadmill you know… although I am glad we are not doing this “on the go”, because there would have been no way I could catch up to a professional runner’s gait!
(Ippolyta): I’ll take it as a compliment! You’re welcome to bring a smaller treadmill and join me at your own pace if you wish [smirks].
I think I will instead enjoy my armchair and disappoint you, sorry! Besides, I’m not the one the photographer is waiting for to shoot some tasteful “sweaty nudes”…
Oh?! [Perking up ears] You mean the treadmill was just meant for… HEY, you knew it, didn’t you? [Asks to her manager, who makes a mischievous smile] Tsk, that is so you…
Maybe we will have to interview your manager too! But let’s focus on you first: tell us something of yourself and your passions!
What can I say, there isn’t much to tell about me besides my sportive life... I always enjoyed running, and my passion eventually led me to pursue the athlete’s career, which eventually led me here! And I’m very glad about it, because I can’t imagine a different life for me without sports. I would be so clueless and clumsy, just like when during my first time ever in a real city I would just casually walk in the middle of the road, not knowing I was supposed to stay on the sidewalk and absolutely not expecting that many cars! [droops ears with embarrassed laughter]
Oh my, I assume you learnt the hard way then?
Yes [still laughing] So anyway, I love running since for me it is so much more than the more act of moving faster… it’s about the feeling of my mane waving in the air as the wind soars all around me while I pick up speed… the thumping on the soil with each powerful step, the vibrant energy you get from every contracting muscle… the feeling of pushing your body to the very edge, until you overtake everybody else, limitless… the feeling of being free, in a way.
Wow, that was the most poetic description of running I ever heard! How were you first introduced to the sports world then?
I had this one ‘taur friend when I was just a filly, who was admittedly very good and promising at jousting, but also, shall we say, a bit full of himself? And he assumed no females could rival him in a physical competition? So cue in me, who had had enough of this dude and certainly was up for a challenge, and said “alright prove it big stallion boy, let’s see who runs fastest”. I wanted him to bite the dust so bad that day, I put 120% effort on that run, and bite the dust he did! Oh, the satisfaction… My legs were cramping but I pretended to be still full of energy with a sly face, even flaunting my tail in defiance at him, and the look on his face was just priceless! I guess that caught the attention of the grown-ups as well, because the following year I was introduced to a proper sports trainer… who later became my current manager [smirks at her manager].
And so the rest is history… Now a more complex question: since males and females are usually split in different sport categories, do you think there’s a relevant disparity between the sexes? And does it also apply outside of the sports world?
Hmmm… Interesting question. If anything, I think I am the living proof that there is no “superior” gender, tsk [smiles]. This said, there are indeed intrinsic differences based not only on sex, but also weight, body type, species… And since it would be near impossible to properly account for everything, it becomes a matter of what do you value the most in sports ethics. Should the event favour national pride over individual differences? Then you have international sports competitions where athletes are divided solely on nationality; but I’ve seen cases of “convenient” citizenship donations towards people of favourable anatomy as a result... Should the event focus on equal competition for the athletes instead? Then you have the already mentioned problem of carefully regulating all the species, weight or sex specific sports categories... Personally, I like the broad spirit of the Olympics since they are open to anyone who qualifies in terms of sport merit, and so the competition becomes just about who is truly the best at each sport. Now, outside the sports world… I guess you could say there are similar struggles in terms of granting equal rights to the vastly different people inhabiting the world, but I like to think of life struggles like the challenges of a sport: the reward is well worth the effort and training needed to succeed, or to improve the life of those around you!
Well said! Any personal experiences or suggestions on the matter?
Well, I’m probably not the expert you would want suggestions from, but I’ll say that willpower and determination will eventually get you very far in your life, so never give up! As for personal experiences, I totally used to face some weird social challenges almost on a daily basis back when I wasn’t so well-known… aside from you know, avoiding cars… [chuckles]. For some reason many non-taur people would often mistake me for a guy, forcing me to make some very awkward clarifications, which would in turn often trigger a lot of embarrassing questions about my anatomy or sexuality… if not even snarky comments about how I didn’t look “feminine” enough? One time I was even asked to “prove” the fact that I am a woman before the jury of a sportive event because they feared I was a guy in disguise, and thus cheating! Honestly I lost count of the times I had to literally explain that there are different species in this world, so it is NOT a universal standard for females to have err… mammary glands up here [gestures at her chest]… and that you know, udders are a thing too! Now, I may forgive those who legit never saw a real centauress before, but I was shocked at first to see how some people were literally OFFENDED by the fact I did not resemble their preconceived notion of what a centauress should be like... Please open your eyes and grow up guys!
Hopefully they’ll read this article and change their mind! Anyway… I know you experienced a very serious injury recently; are you comfortable talking about it or about how it impacted your career?
Oh, uh… yeah, breaking a leg is a very serious injury for a runner as you can imagine… [droops ears]. I was faced with a tough choice: I knew that if I didn’t give it proper treatment, I risked giving up on future running competitions, or even on running at all… But if I called a healer, there would still be consequences for my career; the use of magic is heavily frowned upon and sanctioned in the sports world since it’s hard to detect, and surely I would have been outright banned from at least 2-3 different competitions… people would argue I might have used this “chance” to cast some extra enhancing spells over the healing magic, to gain advantage. The other option was to call a medic instead, but would just plain medicine be enough to fully recover, or to recover in a timely manner as to not lose shape? Eventually I chose the latter, and while indeed it was a long and sometimes painful process, I think the rehabilitation did wonders on me, as you can see! [raises on her hind legs, smiling] I can’t wait to run again in competitions!
Awesome! And now, to conclude the interview: are you looking for a boyfriend, and what do you value in a boyfriend?
Uhm… well, I definitely wouldn’t mind a partner but you know… if a stallion wants to ride me, he must first be able to catch me, and I run fast, ah-ah! Jokes aside, I like strong ‘taurs who can impress me with their talent, because you can’t just buy my attention with gifts… Additionally, they would still need to endure my training schedule since I can’t always spare time for romantic candle light dinners and similar things, tsk! Best if they could even take the place of my manager…
(Manager): HEY!


Writing and editing by me
Original artwork by lunalei lunalei
Background photo by Andrew McElroy on Unsplash

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