Eros2000 ~ cover for Onyx by Prostapheresys (critique requested)

Eros2000 ~ cover for Onyx (critique requested)


24 February 2020 at 13:02:14 MST

Ah, so excited... I never had anyone ask me to do "art" for them... and now here it is! Inspired by my latest Eros2000 covers, Onyx asked me if I could make one just for him and his dragon... so I delivered! ^w^
Oh, and he was also super patient to let me interview his character... ehehe XD

Eros2000 is a fictional monthly magazine existing within my Avalon universe, sharing topics of fashion, lifestyle and most importantly, love!
Spreading love and beauty to all is it's main focus, and so unlike similar magazines, it is also full of erotic and sex-positive articles, with explicit interviews and photos of glamorous people regardless of gender or species.
This made it both revolutionary and scandalous amidst the general public, thus becoming one of the most known magazines out there in just a few years. Countless copies were distributed all over the world and the sales skyrocketed as they could appeal to any reader, shattering various taboos along the way.

What are you waiting for then? Buy your copy today, and get an exclusive read on some of the hottest characters and topics out there! ;P

Who said a dragon couldn’t also be a valiant, brave and chivalrous knight? His valour brighter than his shining armour and his heart as big and strong as his might, the Exalted Lord Onyx has a lot to deliver…

(Interviewer) Well then… “Exalted Lord Onyx”… I can’t help but immediately ask: how did you get such a fancy title?
(Onyx) The title of Exalted Lord was not so simply given. It was earned through service and superb leadership. It’s a great honour to have such a title bestowed upon me. I wear it well.
And it is not even your only title, correct?
It is now that I have earned it. To obtain it was not my goal, but a positive side effect.
Now I am curious to see how long your full name would be on paper, with all the titles and such…
If I did inscribe it for you, you might start to slumber. [smirking]
Pretty please…? We have just begun after all, and I can always consider editing the interview to make room for your epic name before publishing...
Oh, very well, I couldn’t deny such an eager request to begin with. Each title has its history, but to explain it all would take a day and a night…
Fine then… how about you just share with us the most memorable story you have for one of your titles, in your opinion?
Very well… For a time I served as a commanding knight within a legion of what you could call Angels. During a routine patrol of our keep, a surprise attack was launched against us under the cover of darkness, enemy forces breaching the gates and walls quickly. Assumed control over our allied forces station and defended the keep from the encroaching scores of enemies. On the verge of being overwhelmed and down to our last few knights, we defended our king. I was wounded in combat, but I didn’t stop fighting till we drove the enemy out and repelled their strike. I was awarded the title of Praetorian for my defence of the keep, king and knights within. Luckily for me, I did not fall unconscious during the battle, but soon after. I awoke sore the next morning.
What an amazing story indeed! Were you left with permanent scars from the injuries though? It would be a real shame if someone had ruined your beautiful scaly body for the cameras…
Scars? Yes. Permanent? I’d have been upset if so, hehe. They have since healed over time.
What a relief! But seriously, maybe our crew wouldn’t bother too much about a few scars, knowing all the trouble they have gone through to reach what is arguably one of the most dangerous locations to take photos in!
I hear scars give off a cool appearance now a days. Back in my day, they were reminders of what not to do… [chuckles]
True! I suppose that nowadays the allure of the strong, battle-worn warrior prevails… and you? What archetype of sexy beast you consider to be yourself?
A highly skilled knight, royal warrior, but above all, a courageous and kind friend.
Well said! And what do you like to do off-duty, in the company of your friends?
Be within their presence whether it be for consultation of merriment, and oh do I love to train. It’s kept me in shape for so long, I believe this is my body’s one and only shape.
Oh! Please tell, what’s your training routine? I bet many of our readers would love to know how to get a physique like yours…
When you’re a warrior, every battle is an exercise of sorts. To obtain my physical capabilities, I do some cardio to keep stamina up, even weighted runs in armour. Weightlifting to carry your sword or others who need you, combined with regular sparring to keep loose and ready for combat at all times. I think it turned out quite well, I would say~
But does your duty often keep you away from friends or family? Or from finding a fiancée? Unless you have already found love, that is…
I try to make friends where I can. You never know when you may need an ally in your time of great need. Now, a fiancée... in time~
Ah I see... though I believe you won't be alone for long, eheheh... speaking of that, we wouldn't be Eros2000 if we didn't delve into "taboo" topics, so to say... mind some spicy questions then?
Well, I’m not alone. There’s someone I’ve been close with someone for some time… but yes, ask me.
So... the simple things first: lights on or lights out when having "fun"?
Either. Both have their benefits, I must say.
Hmm... next: do you like your partners on top or you like being the one on top?
Tough question. I can be comfortable in either position, but I do have a strong preference for being on top.
Interesting... any favourite position?
Missionary, a bit of mating press. Something against a wall, it all depends on the mood in the room. Ravenous or Romantic.
Mmmh... and are you solid straight, or fabulous homo? I hope this is not too personal of a question, eheh...
Straight, and not at all. My good lady friend would be happy to tell… [smirking]
Oh, eheh... and when thinking of a fiancée, does your mind immediately go for dragonesses or you mingle with other creatures as well?
Personality transcends what we are. I’m currently informally engaged with a beautiful dragoness. We haven’t the chance to truly express our thoughts of each other yet. Soon, I hope we will.
Alright! I say we are almost done with the interview... just one final question: would you like to tell us some background story on how you and this dragoness came together?
Hmhmhm. That is a very interesting story, I’ll spare you the long-winded descriptions so you may have the rest of your day to yourself. Some time ago, my armies tracked a corrupt, revenant ruler to a dark keep. We assaulted it and I and my strongest knights confronted the vile king. My might faltered and I was at his mercy. Then She came to me and saved me. Together we fought the king and won the day. That was when I first saw her for something more. I think we both did.
A happy ending story it would seem... well then, I shall conclude this interview with my best wishes for the both of you!
It has truly been a pleasure. May you walk in the peace of ages past to fortunate roads.

Writing and editing by me
Original artwork by adalfyre adalfyre
Character © belongs to Drag0n-L0rd-Onyx

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