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Eros2000 ~ March MMII Issue by Prostapheresys (critique requested)

Eros2000 ~ March MMII Issue (critique requested)


Eros2000 is a fictional monthly magazine existing within my Avalon universe, sharing topics of fashion, lifestyle and most importantly, love!
Spreading love and beauty to all is it's main focus, and so unlike similar magazines, it is also full of erotic and sex-positive articles, with explicit interviews and photos of glamorous people regardless of gender or species.
This made it both revolutionary and scandalous amidst the general public, thus becoming one of the most known magazines out there in just a few years. Countless copies were distributed all over the world and the sales skyrocketed as they could appeal to any reader, shattering various taboos along the way.

What are you waiting for then? Buy your copy today, and get an exclusive read on some of the hottest characters and topics out there! ;P

If you thought a Cockatrice couldn’t be reasoned with, think again! This specimen will prove you wrong… He can be strong and dangerous as much as smart and sexy! Too often misunderstood as a "savage" or "wild animal", Cédric is here to show you that he deserves more!

(Interviewer) Boy, this one is going to be interesting… Welcome at Eros2000 Mister… Cédric du Coq?
(Cédric) Bonjour! Bonjour!
Ah, you seem enthusiastic, good! I assume you are from France then, correct?
Oui*… but not gonna go back there
Why is it so?
Cédric did trouble there… So can’t go back to France. Didn’t like many of the French anyway. “Monstre! Monstre! C’est féroce et dangereux!” they say…

(* “Monster! Monster! It’s fierce and dangerous!”)
Oh wow… they didn’t like you indeed. How about you tell us about yourself and how all of this started?
Cédric hatched from a nest, and already has to fight! There are other hatchlings, all hungry… but none of us have food! So we split up, each one goes out for food on their own and Cédric never sees them again. Sun goes up and down many times, I just hunt for food, not much to say… But then Maître* shows up! He has boom-stick… suddenly Cédric feels pain here [taps his left thigh] and goes to sleep.
Wait, did you just describe a man suddenly shooting a tranquilizer dart at you for no apparent reason?
Oui…? Anyway, when Cédric wakes up, is inside a cage, travelling… couldn’t see the sky so don’t know how much we travelled. But eventually we arrived at Maître Leon’s mansion. He is rough and punishing, but teaches Cédric français et mathématiques… un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept… people like it, but
Maître Leon wants more, he wants blood and fighting…
(French and Math… one, two, three, four, five, six, seven…)
I don’t like where this is going…
…So Cédric becomes fighter for Maître Leon. I fight dogs, cerberi, even people! Spectators bet and Cédric makes Maître Leon win lots of money. Until one day I have to fight against nasty Orc. I play along like Maître Leon told me to do, but then nasty Orc kicks my balls! Injuste! Thus Cédric cuts nasty Orc’s throat open.

By the gods…! Please stop, this is so much to unpack already… maybe it’s best to not go into detail. In short, you were forced into some sort of illegal boxing ring, people got hurt and so you got into trouble. I imagine you had to serve time in prison after that, right?
[stares at something in the background]
Err… are you alright? Touchy issue perhaps?
No… it’s that there’s another annoying Cockatrice over there, staring at me… HEY, DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ME?! [angrily stands up, his feathers ruffling]
What are you talking about? Cédric, I think you’re just… looking at yourself… that is just a mirror.
[observing his reflection in confusion] Mirror, uh?... uhm… [calms down and goes back to his seat]
So… back to the interview: did you have to serve time in prison?
The big building with caged rooms? Oui…
For how long?
Not sure… but Cédric saw vingt-sept pleines lunes while inside the prison.

(twenty-seven full moons)
I see… so more than two years. But after that you got back to an honest life! Wouldn’t you consider yourself a good citizen now?
Oui, Cédric means no harm, Cédric only wants to live. But people seem to not like the idea of me being a citizen….
Exactly, that’s the topic I was aiming at! Because there is currently no Town Hall that would print “Cockatrice” as an accepted species on the ID card. In fact, you’re legally considered closer to an animal, and thus… you’re effectively a nobody, a ghost to society. Isn’t that terrifying?
Cédric is not terrified! Cédric can always go back to hunting in the wild. But life in the city is better… so not being a citizen is often a nuisance… although it can be convenient too! For example, guards don’t come and bother you with taxes if you’re a nobody…
But it would be much better if you weren’t a nobody! Don’t you think that your kin deserves more recognition, or that people shouldn’t treat you like an animal?
Err… Cédric doesn’t know… there’s still many things hard to understand for me about the world… gouvernement, droit, bureaucratie… all to complicated. So Cédric just tries to live his own life and not mess with others.

(*government, law, bureaucracy…)
Do you think people would have a different opinion of Cockatrices if you weren’t born with such sharp claws and talons? I heard that those can also produce a dangerous secretion which could make anyone die a horrible death…
Cédric has tried to file them down, but many get scared nonetheless.
Too bad… because I’m sure you could be such a good person… and then people miss out on your muscled body and beautiful plumage!
Cédric is happy that you like his plumage! My long feathers take a lot of time to clean… and I was offered good money to come here naked.
Eheheh… well, there are also many other ways to earn money… Have you ever tried to apply for a job despite not having a citizenship?
Cédric did many small jobs, oui… helped here and there, or did some favours for money.
Never considered a stable job? Something you would like to do for a long time and a fine salary?
Uhm… Cédric never considered that.
I believe you do have a talent of some sort that could be worth a salary… Don’t other Cockatrices ever get a job?
Like what?
Like… I don’t know, farming? Sports? You sure look strong enough for sports… or perhaps art and entertainment? Can you dance or sing?
Cédric can sing actually!
Cool! What can you sing?
[proceeds to make an astonishing performance by singing the entirety of “La Marseillaise”]
Wow, that was amazing! See, you could be a professional singer for example!
You think so? Cédric can actually do more!
Please, do show us more then!
Please, do show us more then! [perfectly replicating the interviewer’s voice. Then proceeds to do the same with 3 other people in the room, as well as the sounds of a trumpet, a car’s honk, and even the sound of a revving engine]
See! You really are full of talent Mister Cédric!

Writing and editing by me
Original background photo by Khachik Simonian
Original artwork by iggi iggi
Character © belongs to me

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