Eros2000 ~ January MMII Issue by Prostapheresys (critique requested)

Eros2000 ~ January MMII Issue (critique requested)


15 February 2020 at 13:02:18 MST

Hello people! Here's the first of a new series of mine... the "Eros2000" magazine covers!

Eros2000 is a fictional monthly magazine existing within my Avalon universe, sharing topics of fashion, lifestyle and most importantly, love!
Spreading love and beauty to all is it's main focus, and so unlike similar magazines, it is also full of erotic and sex-positive articles, with explicit interviews and photos of glamorous people regardless of gender or species.
This made it both revolutionary and scandalous amidst the general public, thus becoming one of the most known magazines out there in just a few years. Countless copies were distributed all over the world and the sales skyrocketed as they could appeal to any reader, shattering various taboos along the way.

What are you waiting for then? Buy your copy today, and get an exclusive read on some of the hottest characters and topics out there! ;P

The linguist, writer and sometimes art critic Jeliel of Kos joins us for a special announcement, starting the new year with a revelation! And showing off his magnificent stallion attributes too, of course…

(Interviewer) Welcome Mr. Jeliel! It’s the first interview of the new year and I can already feel the excitement in the air… we have so much to talk about, right?
(Jeliel) [affirmative whinny]
Cool! This is quite the unique interview too, where the interviewee actually does half of my own job since you can’t help but write down your answers to my questions…
[laughing] Right! How about you give me half of your salary then since I’m helping you out?
Ah, you wish! But seriously, does this ever bother you in your daily errands? The inability of Pegasi and Hippogryphs to speak I mean…
Well, not really. Sure, it’s a bit of a hindrance and sometimes I almost envy other species for their richness in vocabulary and phonetics… but I don’t feel handicapped. You see, while my kin is unable to produce speech, it doesn’t mean that we can’t communicate at all! In fact, over the ages we might have come up with what I believe to be one of the most beautifully articulated languages of the world.
Oh… please do elaborate on that…
To compensate the lack of vocal cords, we developed a special language that requires more than just your sense of hearing; it uses your vision and smell too. So instead of relying on just a sequence of different sounds to express a concept or sentence, we use body language as the base of our communication and then add sound and pheromone signals on top of it. You could say that it’s a multi-layered language with a pyramidal structure: the gestures convey the basic concepts, then you use gestures and sounds together for more advanced concepts and finally the pheromone signals for emotions or even more complex concepts. The combination of all these three elements is usually needed to make a full sentence.
Woah… an articulated language indeed! And very hard to learn for non-Hippogryphs I bet… if not even impossible.
[amused whinny] To be fair though, I find it equally fascinating how often you can condense intricate concepts into just one word… It’s the reason why I have studied languages after all. And I probably wouldn’t have become a writer otherwise.
This is all very fascinating and we could totally keep talking about it all day long, but unfortunately, I don’t think it’s what our readers want to know… am I right?
[flustered neigh] Yeah… so… the big news is that I’m officially engaged now.
…Engaged with?
…with another Hippogryph named Aloysius. No mistake there, it’s a masculine name indeed… for the nice male I love…
So, you openly declare to the world that you have a serious, long-term, sexual relationship with another guy just like that?
[affirmative whinny, smiling] Yes. Because men shouldn’t feel embarrassed or guilt for declaring their love for another man.
This may be surprising news for many people, but actually if you listened to the rumours, the pieces of the puzzle start falling in place all together… since rumours told me that you have always been… shall we say “promiscuous”?
Well… I will not hide the fact that indeed I have had many partners before, many of which are still close friends of mine. But this doesn’t mean that I can’t look forward to a long-term relationship… hopefully my soulmate won’t be too jealous about that [chuckles].
And you have laid with people despite of gender or race?
Yes, I like to live the hedonistic life for as much as I can afford. Although now it’s a bit different since I intend to dedicate most of my… “attention” to my soulmate… it’s not just about pleasure after all. It’s about love as well…
So why only now the big reveal?
Because I wasn’t comfortable with how other people could react to that… You see, society has still certain “expectations” about what is right and wrong, and often deludes itself into knowing what true love should be like. And a bad reputation can go a long way and even ruin your life in some cases. I find it ridiculous that people would rather follow century-old traditions to appease society instead of following their inner desires, but I can’t blame them for being afraid of the stigma associated with being labelled as a freak, almost like a criminal… When did love become a crime? How does hate become acceptable? These questions are what eventually drove me to publicly reveal my indiscriminate love for males and females alike, no matter the species.
Your words resonate well with us. We at Eros2000 have always strived for promoting an inclusive, sex-positive attitude towards love and life in general, and I totally agree with you. Which now makes me think, many of your romantic novels often do involve “non-conventional” relationships between your characters, but their sales are not significantly lower than any other writings you made. How’s that?
That’s a good question… and sadly the answer I came up with is that there are actually quite a lot of people out there who share my same feelings but feel ashamed to openly declare themselves to the world. So my books sold well because they were a good form of escapism… which I think is the real shame.
What would you like to say to those who are still strongly against cross-species or same-gender sexual relationships?
I’d like to say this: would you rather live your own life freely or restrain yourselves to what other people dictate is the norm? love is love, and it is not bound by gender or race. And is not even related to procreation either, like many of them try to point out. Look around, you’ll clearly see people who don’t love each other having children, and people who can’t have children but love each other nonetheless. Follow your heart, listen to your emotions… otherwise you won’t have ever have a truly happy life. You like girls? Fine! Your girl is not of your species? It’s ok! You actually prefer guys? It’s fine too!
And now that you’re engaged, what would you like to say to anyone whose erotic dreams with the big black stallion have just been crushed…?
[laughing] Well sorry… but I guess you’ll first have to aske permission to my boyfriend… and be ready for a threesome, just in case…

Writing and editing by me
Original artwork by blairbitch
Character © belongs to me

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