[species lore] - The Anubians by Prostapheresys (critique requested)

[species lore] - The Anubians (critique requested)


19 December 2019 at 13:27:33 MST

So... I've recently got ill unfortunately and didn't have much energies to keep studying or doing other stuff. But! I felt inspired... and decided to do some coloring! I thus picked some free linearts, printed them on paper (because I lack the skills/hardware to do artworks on my PC) and colored with pencils XD
What I ended up making are some references for characters that I already own or had in mind for a while... I hope you like them!

The Anubians
Millennia ago, these creatures took advantage of their powers, superior to the forces of mankind, to be venerated as gods and achieve prosperity. Their leader would be known with the title of Anubis, while the other specimen were equally venerated as avatars or other manifestations of the same divinity.
Humanoid in shape, yet so otherworldly in nature, the Anubians were considered to be guardians of the afterlife and guides for the souls of the deceased since they resemble jackals, plus the fact that they have no mouth, eat no food and drink no water, but are attracted by dying people... While their connections with the afterlife was all just a delusion to keep their cult alive, it is true that they somehow take nourishment directly from the "lifeforce" of other living creatures, sucking it through the holes in their palms, and releasing whatever is left out of the small, cartilaginous tubes protruding from their backs. It is also possible that they gain part of the knowledge and magical powers of other creatures this way, although it has never been confirmed for sure. In any case, the cult of Anubis was basically a scheme to let people bring them the ill and the old for immortality in the afterlife, when they would actually feast on their last breaths...
Although the continuous supply of "nourishment" was the primary goal, such a cult was also useful for other purposes; the Anubians have an incredibly high lifespan, but are not immortal, and they are always born as males... so eventually, they would need to find a proper female "host" to be impregnated and let their species survive. It should also be known at this point that the birthing of an Anubian usually proves fatal for the "host", since the newborn will feed off the mother's lifeforce through the umbilical cord for its own growth, slowly draining her energies during gestation... if that wasn't creepy enough, baby Anubians already reach mental maturity at the fetus stage, so they will begin to telepathically talk with the host and/or show similar powers while still inside the womb, and are born as "tiny adults", so to say.
Nowadays the cult of Anubis is long gone, and the race of the Anubians is probably close to extinction. However, there are still a few ancient, extremely powerful Anubians still wandering the world...

Species lore, coloring and editing by me
Original linearts by MiraOff

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