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Ippolyta the Centauress (censored) by Prostapheresys

Ippolyta the Centauress (censored)


So... I figured it might be a good idea to also post SFW versions of some characters of mine XD

Uncensored version: LINK


Species info:
Centaurs (otherwise known as Polkan, Pulicani or Anggitay in some regions of the world) are large and strong-willed creatures despite being among the few "Enchanted" that are not innately proficient in magic; the term "Enchanted" has in fact always caused some confusion because of this, but remains the most common way to identify all non-human intelligent species nonetheless.
They evolved a very peculiar anatomy as a result of their both quadrupedal and humanoid nature: oxygenation is ensured by 4 lungs (2 on the upper half and the others on the lower half) and the large nostrils and special blowhole-like vents at the base of the bust; this in turn allows them room for a bigger heart inside the lower rib-cage, required for an efficient circulatory system given their size. These organs help to maintain a stable body temperature too, since the extra heat is dissipated through exhaling and their blood also acts as a natural cooling fluid, with cooler blood going through their core, where it heats up and then goes to their extremities and skin to release the heat.
This brings up their natural defense mechanism: should a centaur be injured by a cut, the muscles near the wound would contract, causing hot blood to be sprayed against the attacker. Since their blood contains even some urticant substances, such spray can be quite painful if it makes contact with the skin.
Finally, contrary to the traditional iconography of centauresses, females have udders instead of breasts. It's very reasonable from a biological standpoint, and yet it still puzzles some people who often embarrass themselves by having troubles in distinguishing males from females...

Character history:
Ippolyta has always been the sportive girl, but never did she imagine in her youth to become the sport icon she is now. It all started as a challenge to see if she could outrun her male rivals, and then she discovered just how much she actually enjoyed challenging herself and pushing her body to the limit.
Running became one of her favourite sports, which led her to win her first Olympic medal, a silver medal on the 100m. She then proceeded to also win 2 gold medals on the same sport, after which her objective became to win at least one Olympic gold on the highest number of different sports she could manage. Her career seemed unstoppable as, to the stupor of the newspapers and her now numerous fans, she later won 7 more medals over the years: silver and gold in hurdling, gold in steeplechase run, gold in long jump, gold in triple jump, silver and gold in javelin throw.
It was then that she had a very unfortunate accident while training, which put an abrupt halt to all her sportive goals of the time. Consequently, it was a very sad and emotional period for her, and the journalists were already publishing melancholic articles with end-of-career praises... But Ippolyta wasn't going to surrender; she was still determined to win. After months of rehabilitation, she started training for a new kind of competition. During an interview she famously explained: "I'll likely couldn't handle the physical stress of running right now, but I can still stand up and my arms feel just as strong as always. There are so many other sport disciplines out there I could do with just my bare arms, I don't understand why I should be quitting".
Her new competition of choice became archery and she proceeded to win first a bronze, then a silver and finally a gold medal. Only then she retired from sports.
Today, she owns a gym in Memory Bay, where she hopes to train and inspire the new generations of athletes.


Artwork by Cespuglia2008

See her post HERE

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