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Xian-Uhuru the Qilin


22 November 2018 at 13:01:39 MST

...aaand this is the final (for now ;P) character I can show you: Xian-Uhuru, a Qilin!

Qilin is pretty much synonymous of Kirin, but did you know that the Kirin/Qilin's myth is likely connected to an ancient Chinese expedition to Africa?
During the Ming Dinasty, explorer Zheng He made voyage into East Africa and came back with many exotic animals, including giraffes... theory goes that upon seeing them, the giraffes were recognised as "Qilins" and hence proclaimed magical creatures by the Emperor, so that he could claim their capture a sign of his great power. The fact that the mythological Qilin and the giraffes have some similarities seems to support the theory too. The more you know! XD
I found it very fascinating and so I decided that if I was going to have a Qilin character it was going to be some sort of anthro giraffe creature! I also named her with a combination of two female names, one Chinese and one from Africa, for the same reason ^^

Species info (according to my Avalon universe canon):
These gentle creatures are incredibly tall, being 5 meters tall on average, but also very slender, almost unproportionate; however, they are also incredibly light for their size. This is probably thanks to a form of minor levitation that grants them more grace and allows them to walk without making any noise.
Qilins may resemble giraffes but are far different from them due to the variety of fur colour and the glistening hooves, horns and scales. However, their main attribute is the third eye on their forehead, which allows them to always see what is true, something inconceivable to most creatures. For example, they can see through any magical illusion as well as detect lies just by looking at the labial movements of a talking person.
Finally, they are known for their usually good-willing nature and for detesting any form of violence.

Art by BlueNire BlueNire

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