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Eyreen the fairy


19 November 2018 at 13:31:17 MST

After a long time of no posting, let me introduce a new character: Eyreen the Fairy! ^_^
Since I don't have much time for writing I'm focussing more on world-building these days, and more specifically I'm figuring out various enchanted species of my "Avalon Archives" world. Each species is based on one or various similar mythological beings, usually with a little new spin of my own, ehehe...

Species info:
Fairies range in height from about 25cm tall to around 50cm tall, although they have been known to use they're magic powers to dramatically change size if needed. Their skin is slightly translucent with a texture and stretchiness very similar to a mochi dessert. Their species is hermaphroditic but mostly monogamous, with offspring resembling plants as a means of camouflage. Their wings resemble leaves not just for camouflage though, as thy're actually capable of photosynthesis; unfortunately, their limited amount of cartilaginous bones make them quite weak and fragile.
Egg-laden adults typically bury their eggs at the root of a chosen plant for their offspring to eat upon hatching. Upon hatching, the grubs usually stay close and feeding off the local plants and other occasional insects since the're not yet capable of photosynthesis, until pupating after 3 years. Pupae stage lasts for 1-2 years, emerging at the end of winter as nearly full formed adult.
All adults and larvae hibernate for any freezing period and through drought, though they fare best when freezing length in winters are short. Most times they do not burrow, and usually curl up in dead leaves, their wings and bodies drying out to resemble dead leaves and petals. A soak in spring rains is what wakes them from their slumber. Before hibernation, they typically stock up on nectar and insects.

Despite being regarded as shy and wary of other creatures, there are several historical accounts of Fairies cross-breeding with other species and giving birth to hybrids, collectively known by mankind as "Dryads" (or equivalent "nature sprites" dependind on folklore)

Art and original "Nympha" species concept by Iggi (her original designs HERE)
Species details re-visited by me.

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