Gemsona - Trinitite by ProphetEKA

Gemsona - Trinitite


18 March 2015 at 23:49:31 MDT

Was trying to get to this earlier but it took a bit. Found some really neat gems and semi-precious stones like Labradorite and Chrysoberyl but they really didn't hit me like this one type of desert glass that was made just once and is tied to a history changing event... Trinitite.

It's made of the melted sand (and other bits) from the original test at the Trinity Site in Alamogordo, New Mexico. For a while, this stuff was actually sold as safe for use in jewelry. In the 50's, they stopped that. It's safe to handle but it's still mildly radioactive. Kinda' rolled with that when I made this guy.

Since it's a desert glass, Trinitite has some bubble-like structures in his gem. He's slightly radioactive and, because of that, he's slightly defective. With his gem embedded in his left hand, he’d pull out his weapon - a massive knife (he’s got large mitts so it’s probably the right size to him) - like Voltron’s ‘Blazing Sword’. = )

It was fun trying to come up with something based on the basics of Gem lore. Not a complete success but something I might try to play with in the future.

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