Monkey Shines by ProphetEKA

Monkey Shines


23 February 2016 at 16:04:09 MST

Allow me to list the pain this pic caused me…

  • Pencils went smoothly despite some issues with headaches/allergies/misc. bullshit.
  • Scanned and cleaned pic took longer than usual to transfer over to tablet.
  • Both art programs I use on my tablet - Sketchbook Pro and its newer version - crashed So Hard, I lost Both of my galleries. My backups of said programs were useless.
  • The first pass on this saved out Just before my tablet decided it was time to turn off due to background updates/silliness having eaten battery life. You can see that version over on the Biff strip. - [Link]
  • After fixing a second round of random app crashes, I ended up popping for the Pro Tools set in the newer Sketchbook app ‘cause it was the one that wanted to work the longest.

This was a new take on a character o’ mine named Murphy. A decade ago, he was made as the face of the random issues my boss and I suffered every so often around the office. Seems like he’s still built to piss me off after all these years…

At least I can say I like the way it turned out.

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