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city map 2. by prokyon

city map 2.


13 May 2019 at 20:06:37 MDT

Here's another city map! This one is designed to be a little less planned in layout, as it's an older city that developed organically around a rich trade system.

Facilitated by a sheltered mixed fresh & saltwater lake/bay connected to the sea on an important trade route, it's a popular place to stop and rest for sailors worldwide on their way to the large developed cities further up the coast. The bay and long inlet connecting it to the ocean are quite deep, and allow passage for even the biggest of ships.

The city itself is small in area, but densely packed and full of narrow streets and hundreds of alleys. The industrial areas closer to the bay and the smaller habour are hives of activity and full of markets year round to trade in valuable items that come off the incoming ships. The region is renowned for its high-quality supply of rare marble and limestone, as well as its seafood industry, which entices many to its capital city to trade and indulge in the variety of exotic foods. The outskirts of the city and surrounding countryside, while naturally sparse, is dedicated to agriculture, specifically fruits and nuts that grow exclusively in the region due to their climate.

Aside from the areas dedicated to coastal trade and main roads, most streets are purely meant for walking, and the city has large exclusion zones for vehicles so that they don't impose on the simple and charming lifestyle of the locals and tourists as they venture through the city.

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