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MPAS Gems by ProfessorRat



The amount of time this has spent in my drafts, you have no idea.

But you know what? It was all worth it cuz I finally get to show off this AU's version of Hector and Keanu as well as their Strawberry Daddy of a fusion because yes, more Steven Universe.

Now then, naturally these two were part of the Rebellion, Hector being a White Zircon and once a high-ranking member and prosecutor in White Diamond's court due to his vast intelligence while Keanu is a Red Flower Jasper born from the Beta Kindergarten during the war for Earth. They met while Hector had been sent to Earth to select which captured Crystal Gems to take back with him to Homeworld for a court trial; Keanu happened to be one of those captured rebels. You can probably guess the rest from there.

They managed to find a way to save themselves from the Corruption Blast thanks to Hector's quick thinking, so now they're living in secret among humans, contributing to its betterment in the same way Movie Peabody did, albeit more discreetly.

Keanu's weapon is a Hawaiian war club; Hector's a rapier.

Their fusion together is Rhodochrosite. Since Hector's super brains and and Keanu's super strength, Rhode's a force to be reckoned with. That said, he can also be a cocky bastard as a result, not to mention easily excitable over his interests. He's not above teasing others through flirting or quips either since both his components happen to be sass masters. Throw in Hector's encyclopedic know-how, and you basically get Tony Stark but with a pink-red color palette...and extra limbs. At the end of the day, though, he's a well-meaning guy and as much of a loving father (even if he'll argue he's 'doubly good').

Rhode's weapon is essentially a claymore. Yes, I know, a claymore is more of a sword, but I had to come up with something that fit both their weapons. Unfortunately, it's a little hard coming up with something that resembles a cross between a rapier and a tribal ax, so I wound up basing the thing off of Saix's weapon from Kingdom Hearts. Oh, by the way, Rhodochrosite has a berserk mode also like Saix, except here both his strength and thinking speed are multiplied, meaning he's more vulnerable to sensory overload in this state.

He's also a pro at tickling. Just thought ya'll should know.

Mr. Peabody belongs to Jay Ward and DreamWorks; Steven Universe to Rebecca Sugar and Cartoon Network. Keanu is my own character.

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