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Courage and Mystery by ProfessorRat

Courage and Mystery


Oh look, another crossover pairing out of left field!

I assure you, there is a cohesive story behind all this, so allow me to share.

Courage is a kitsune that lost memories of his past life long ago, including the fact that he and Mystery were lovers, and reincarnated into the little pink pooch we know today, hence why he can shapeshift, tolerate immense pain, and other abilities normal dogs shouldn't.

After Muriel and Eustace pass away, he faces the future by seeking not only his past but a group of people hinted in his future by Shirley who need his protection. Guess who.

Basically, it's Mystery Skulls Animated with Courage along for the ride. Plenty of feels abound!

Now giving Courage a kitsune form proved a bit tricky, so his appearance isn't as regal or fancy as Mystery's but then again that rather fits our simplehearted country boy, doesn't it? Also, Murder Mystery has an interesting color scheme and I might attempt a full body picture of him in the future.

In other news, I've recently got Corel PaintPro, so that should be an interesting learning experience. Wish me luck!

Mystery belongs to Mystery Ben. Courage belongs to John R. Dilworth and Cartoon Network.

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