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2019 Poke-Modeling - Ai by PrivateDoomsday

2019 Poke-Modeling - Ai


Ai: appears in a gardevoir / pangoro mix form "Do you have a minute, Huichen?"

Huichen: "Sure; what are you looking for, as far as advice goes?"

Ai: "You see..." she then blushes "'s been a slow day, and I'm looking for some advice, to make something interesting, with Danny. I think I want to do something to really get his attention,...not in a dirty sort of way."

Huichen: "Really? I can help with that!"

Ai: "What do you mean?"

2 Minutes later...after Huichen explained...

Ai: while she's blushing, she sits next to the drinking fountain, while contained and with her arms strapped in tightly, within an armbinder "So...let me get this straight...all I'll have to do, is simply sit here, and Danny will see me?"

Huichen: "Yup! Nothing like being 'rescued', by your true love! All you gotta do, is wait nice and patiently!" winks

Ai: "" she looks at the cameraman "...a pic for Danny, then?"

The unnamed cameraman: "Sure thing; I'll make sure it comes out nice!"

I drew an anthro panda character of mine, for "DannyTheFoxBoy", on FurAffinity. (In the form of a gardevoir / pangoro mix)

Nothing dirty here; just something cute & silly! (Ai is also eager to cuddle with Danny, at the moment!)

= Ai is (c) by me and "DannyTheFoxBoy"
= The artwork is (c) by me
= The "Pokemon" franchise is (c) by Nintendo

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