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2019 Poke-Modeling = Seika the Braixen by PrivateDoomsday

2019 Poke-Modeling = Seika the Braixen


3 August 2019 at 11:29:05 MDT

For "mk0987", (requested on FurAffinity", he's known as "RoninHunt0987") I was asked to do a pic of his braixen gal, Seika. As for a swimsuit, he suggested for me, to surprise him.

So, I read her profile and, for the heck of it, I drew a pic of Seika modeling a thong bikini; perhaps to flirt with the certain someone, that she has romantic feelings, for!

BTW, it's the EXACT same bikini, form the last pic I've submitted here, on Weasyl!

Nothing dirty, here; just something intended, to be cute! (It also doesn't need to be re-rated, due to barbie-doll nudity.)

= Seika the Braixen is (c) by :"mk0987" and "THEMRCAGD"
= The artwork is (c) by me
= The "Pokemon" franchise is (c) by Nintendo

For more info, check here: