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2019 Poke-Modeling - Huīchén the Fennekin by PrivateDoomsday

2019 Poke-Modeling - Huīchén the Fennekin


3 August 2019 at 11:24:54 MDT

Yes, I drew another one, for myself; particularly, a new fennekin gal!

Her name's "Huīchén"; while she's a troublemaker, she has good intentions, and, there are times, when she's more eager to cuddle. (And of course, she DOES have boundaries.)

Since I roleplayed, with "mk0987", we've decided to share her.

She's now taken by a character of his, named "Roddick".

= Huīchén is (c) by me and "mk0987"
= The artwork is (c) by me
= The "Pokemon" franchise is (c) by Nintendo

For more info, check here: