Can't Sleep? by PrivateDoomsday

Can't Sleep?


14 September 2018 at 00:19:06 MDT

I know I don't submit pics here, much, but I should do so, more often.

This is a cute pic, that I decided to do, since I couldn't get any sleep.

In this little scene, male friend of Ayo, was tired, and he couldn't get any sleep, and it was around 12:00 AM to 1:00 AM. Ayo was busy working, with the building, but of course, was in her bikini, because the air conditioning was acting funky, in that particular room, where she was helping, with. It was not long, before Ayo was planning to head to bed, that she quickly checked the mailbox, at the building,

However; Ayo then notices, that her friend could not sleep. She then calmly approaches him, and offers, if he'd like to cuddle with her, just to help, with his insomnia,

Nothing dirty of course; just Ayo, at quite possibly, at her cutest. Feeling cuddly, at this time.

= Ayo the Fox, alongside the artwork, are (c) by me