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7 February 2018 at 08:42:57 MST

The other of my big bro's two younger gerbils; this one is a bit shy, but also very friendly.

This red-eyed thing, is a real heart-toucher, with his/her shy personality!

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    Looks like my gerbil Nibbles! :D Except Nibbles is very aggressive thanks to my family teasing him.. ;^;

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      Ah; poor thing.

      But on the plus side? At least my gerbils, (the ones that are currently alive) are in nice, loving home, where we interact with them, at times.

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        Yeahh they lucky. :>
        I'm just glad Dusky doesn't get teased so he's quite a happy friend. I'm a bit scared to put my hand near Nibbles as he bites everyone cos my mum always teases him and plays with him like a toy. I still feed him and put treats in his food bowl but I'm a bit too worried of saying hi to him now.. At least Nibbles has Dusky for company... ÓvÒ;

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          I see.

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            Sorry I just had to send this because yes XD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QIFQENuZtE

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              Good one! XD

              And now, I guess we should bring up "Dave the Barbarian", as well.


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                ooh that a cartoon? never heard of it! :o

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                  A lot of people, had never did.

                  "Dave the Barbarian" is a comedy cartoon, that aired, on Disney Channel. (From before "Disney XD" came along, and, even before Disney Channel ended up being more, about these cheesy sitcom shows; some of them, are quite bad. XD)

                  Basically, a king & queen of a kingdom, that are the parents, of three kids, had left temporarily, to go on a journey, to fight off evil...until then, that led to the oldest sister, Candy, to basically be in charge, of the kingdom, until then.

                  A barbarian in training, and the middle child, Dave, (the lead character) is a barbarian in training; huge & muscular, although a wimp, in terms of his personality. XD

                  Then there are two other protagonists; including Fang, the youngest of the three siblings, (a very aggressive little girl, that is NOT a monkey, unlike what a lot of people say) and, a wizard, that accompanies them, as the brains of them.

                  The four of them, often fight against a sinister "master of evil", named Chuckles...of whom happens to be an anthropomorphic pic. While the four are NOT the greatest heroes, they're the only hope, in protecting their kingdom, from his sinister, and sometimes HILARIOUS plots! XD