Frankie Creamsicle by PrivateDoomsday

Frankie Creamsicle


7 February 2018 at 08:42:15 MST

One of the two younger gerbils, that my big bro owns. This thing tries to escape the cage now and then, and is known to be a real cage climber! (It kinds reminds me of Vega, in "Street Fighter II"! XD)

In addition, this little thing, is a real enthusiast, too!

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    Sounds like a real mischief maker. :)

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      Indeed he is! Oh, and by the way...

      "Mischief Makers"; that's actually the name, of a video game released, on the "Nintendo 64"! (And a real hidden gem, too!)

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    Aw cute! I have gerbils too! The black gerbil called Dusky really likes to see me! ^-^

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      I see!

      Well, knowing my bro's gerbils, they're VERY friendly; they like to greet others, for attention, by sticking their heads, out of their cages a bit...notably, just to be petted!

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        Aww same with Dusky! As soon as he hears me nearby, he comes over to sniff and paw around at my hand :D He may sometimes squeak and sniff at the same time lol he probably excited XD Sometimes he hops onto my hand when I hand him some food. If it's a small piece, he stays there so it's quicker for him to ask for more lol X3 Sometimes when I pet him, he shys off a little or just trys to paw around at my hand again ^-^; but he's sorta getting use to it now cos once I was petting him and he stayed here relaxing and yawned too!
        He really loves his exercise ball too, he runs about in there then after that, I give him a little bit of a plain peanut or plain cashew nut. He seems to be alright being petted while he eats food. Probably the only pet I know that doesn't mind cuddles while he eats! XD

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          Dusty sounds adorable!

          Speaking of exercise balls, and cute rodents...

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            Yee! Dusky is very cute ^w^ and uh.. I think you made a spelling mistake with his name. he's called Dusky as in.. evening/night time. not as in stuff that collects on old object that makes you sneeze. it's a bit annoying how people say names wrong but maybe that's just a little pet peeve of mine.. ;w; The name Shadow would actually suit him too since rodents run so fast and quiet like a sudden blur and you're like "whazzat?!" and black rodents would be perfect for that as it's like a shadowy/shady blur! but I didn't call him Shadow cos it sounds too edgy. and I'm not the edgy sorta person lol. I think Sonic made that name edgy cos of the character Shadow the Hedgehog lol XDD

            Funny cute video! That voice sounds familiar though! :o Like a cartoon character or something. Hamtaro character? I dunno XD Oh crap I just realised I repeated myself on a few of my replies Memory issues suck so much.. D:

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              Fair enough!

              Ah; "Hamtaro"...TRULY an adorable little feel good anime!

              Plus, I loved how the series had it's adorable ending, too. (No spoilers, though!)

     we HAVE to bring up the old Hamster Dance website?!? XD

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                Hamtaro was a show me and my big sister loved when we were little. ^-^ We even had McDonald's happymeal toys! My sister had a Hamtaro plushie while I had a Boss plushie :3 Ahh back when happymeal toys were actually cool and not cheap plastic you get these days.. I dunno what happened to our plushies but I bought the whole set recently as they're rare now and I miss them.. ;w;
                I need to watch Hamtaro again sometime too! I miss the showww! Wait.. I heard of the Hamster Dance song but there was actually a website?! 0-0; I never knewww!
                And btw I'm glad you ain't the type to tell spoilers, I haaate when people do that cos it ruins it for me... ;^; I don't tell spoilers too. I completed my fave game Miitopia but I don't tell spoilers of the ending cos telling spoilers is baaad... I love how Miitopia's story sounds like a complete joke but is sorta more serious when you play lol, Dark Lord stealing everyone's faces XD I started new game cos I wanted to play the story again cos hey, it was fun and was pretty epic at times! :D

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                  Indeed; this includes the "Space Jam" themed toys...which are ACTUALLY pretty cool, for fast food toys!

                  It seems, that McDonalds is lacking imagination, these days. I think they should leave the toy manufacturing, or at least, toy ideas, to the sponsored companies, for them.

                  And if they were ever to release Lego themed toys, they should make them, be ACTUAL Lego...NOT the cheap, fake stuff, that is simply within the SAME art style, either! (It could always be a minifig, with a few spare pieces, on the side, now that you mention it!)

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                    Yeahh I even remember my sister actually got a video game from a happymeal! It was like a Tamagotchi but it was a Sonic game of the bunny character Cream which was basically a catching game where you gotta catch things that fall. My sister was really into that game ^-^ we were very little at the time and she really liked Sonic games :3

                    We also both really liked Pokemon, Digimon, Hamtaro. I prefer the original Digimon and I haven't seen it in so long but I'd love to watch it again! I've always liked Patamon ^-^ Oh and I still love Pokemon today! I recently got My Friend Eevee toy as an early birthday gift and Eevee has always been my favourite. ^w^ I actually watched the first ever Pokemon episodes and realised how much I miss the old. I might watch it again as somehow it was more enjoyable than the new anime and it felt nostalgic.

                    And yeahh McDonalds should really stop wasting plastic on cheap toys that nobody likes.. All that plastic is just gonna cause pollution! :< I'm a bit of a hippie btw and I recycle as much as I can. I care alot about nature and I'm very against litterbugs.

                    Yeahh I kinda think that lego happymeal toys should be some extra blocks so you can add onto the lego you've already got. like the same size and style as the good old classic. Probably some unique colours and a Ronald McDonald minifigure lol XD
                    Speaking of Ronald McDonald, this hilarious vid was actually the first ever YouTube video I ever watched lol:
                    I'm an ooold YouTuber and I still make videos just for fun. :3 But I never had an account back then as I created years later.

                    Hold on.. How did we get to the subject from pets to happymeals?! XD Sorry for the comment spam, we can chat on discord or something if ya like! maybe even be pals! ^-^