A Male Character Hugs Chocolat by PrivateDoomsday

A Male Character Hugs Chocolat


17 November 2017 at 08:01:24 MST

I re-submitted this, from FurAffinity.

Basically, I had a creative idea, based on when I saw "Eto Rangers", where basically, in a sequel anime that would take place AT LEAST a week later, is where Chocolat meets a friend that seems familiar, while she was walking within the woods; at least within her vacation, in another country, in her world. But who is this friend, she had just met? Of whom is from another world?

In this scene, it would show my character idea, (a twin-tailed catboy; OBVIOUSLY not a villain) hugging onto Chocolat, to try and comfort her, after a conversation.

Also, little do they know, that a new threat, has recently arrived, in this universe...

= Chocolat, alongside Eto Rangers", (also known as "Juuni Senshi Bakuretsu Eto Ranger") is © by "Shaft"
= The concept character, alongside the artwork, are © by me

P.S.; I plan on sharing this artwork, on other websites, too; mostly, to show my talents, and hopefully, get more attention, just to be hired, for ideas and concept art, in the video game industry.