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YCH Raffle Prize, for AzureParagon by PrivateDoomsday

YCH Raffle Prize, for AzureParagon


7 June 2017 at 10:50:32 MDT

I know I didn't get all the details, on doing a lagoon-based beach background but I hope the prize winner likes it!

It's the YCH summer raffle prize, that "AzureParagon" won, during 2016; (on FurAffinity) a pic of his fursona, in a cute, romantic situation, with a cool gray colored vixen (fox) girl!

Not to worry, folks; nothing dirty here. Just something cute!

= Azure Paragon (the dragon man, on the right) alongside the unnamed vixen girl, are (c) by :"AzureParagon" (FurAffinity user)
= The artwork, is (c) by me