Sherlock as a Puppy by PrivateDoomsday

Sherlock as a Puppy


22 April 2017 at 14:48:15 MDT

Just a little pic, of my small dog, as a puppy!

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    D'awwww....cute puppy! :D

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    Awwww kawaii! I wanna give him treats and play with him and give him lots 'n' lots 'n' lots 'n' lotsa cuddles!
    I make pets spoilt till they ask for more then I give them more ÒvÓ

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      This dog here, IS VERY cuddly...and very much friendly!

      He doesn't QUITE bark at everything, but he does bark PLENTY. XD

      Chiweenies, notably due to my good experience, with them, are QUITE amusing!

      If you like dogs, and like to learn about the chiweenie, learn about this breed, online; "Dogs 101" has good info, about them.

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        Cool! I don't mind barky dogs but my family does.. ;w; There's this dumb house rule where nobody's allowed to make loud noises. This means no partying about.. D: Probably one of the reasons why I hope to move out soon. To get my freedom and to finally be able to blast out EDM whenever I want! XD
        I hope to get a dog again someday. I'm thinking one that doesn't need much exercise as I too have low stamina.. ^-^; I'm thinking a pomeranian or chihuahua sorta dog. I was actually thinking of getting a cat but then they might hunt the gerbils and guinea pigs and scratch furniture so then I might not.. D: I should also make sure I don't get a hunting dog like a jack russell (even though I love them) cos they wouldn't mind my pet rodents for dinner too '^';