Citlali Mystery Origins - Prologue by PrivateDoomsday

In the midst of a warm day, there was the day of Citlali. A simple, female high school student, among beastfolk, at the age of 16. Today, she was recently going to test a “straitsuit” that she made. (Basically, it’s a spare school swimsuit, that she modified, with various materials, to make it work, like a somewhat “harder-to-escape straitjacket”.) As notably speaking, a friend of hers there, agreed to help tie her in it, as part of an experiment, for a simple escape attempt, at a swimming pool that was closed, during school hours. She said, that she was going to get a beverage, from a nearby vending machine, and get back.
But however, that’s RIGHT before her friend was missing, after about 15 minutes; she KNEW something was wrong! And while failing to escape, for 15 minutes, she noticed, that, it was REALLY well made, of a restraint, that she made. But that was RIGHT before what appeared to be a sleep dart, was fired onto her back.

Waking up, in what appeared to be a prison cell, of some sort, with a strong metal door; she noticed that, while the restraint wasn’t IMPOSSIBLE for her, to have escaped, previously, that changed, when the straps were sealed in, with simple stitches; making it impossible, to have escape! But, that was RIGHT before one of the guards arrived, and opened the door.
But something wasn’t right. In addition, with a somewhat DIFFERENT collar that was placed on her, than the one she wore earlier, she was leashed, to a small metal weight ball. And ontop of that, was left on, with those same socks from earlier, in addition to what appear to be, stiletto boots; which would make it HARDER for her, to run, or even WALK! Making it a very diabolical plan, for whoever did this.

Prison guard: So, you must be the new prisoner, that must have been busted, for serial murder!

Citlali: {looks shocked, and VERY concerned} Wait a minute; serial murder?!? I don’t even REMEMBER doing that!

Prison guard: Well, that’s not my problem, liar!

Citlali: {she looks annoyed} Oh really? You think I’m a “liar”, huh? Well, here’s a bit of truth, fo you; HOW am I supposed to get up, and walk out of this prison, if I can’t be unleashed, from this heavy metal ball?

Prison guard: {appears to have a psychotic smirk on his face} Well, I don’t know why, but I suppose I can have another prisoner, do that, for you! Well, enjoy your stay, at this prison! But first, we’re going to do a roll call, of our prisoners, here, right before breakfast!

And as the guard had a psychotic, maniacal laugh, he walked away. Citlali KNEW that something was VERY WRONG with this prison...somewhat suspicious, even!

But, that was not long, before a friendly looking prisoner, in an orange jumpsuit, came to greet her. It was also obvious, that he wasn’t like most humans...
???: {looks concerned, as well as charmed, after meeting Citlali} must have been framed, huh?

Citlali: {looks up to the male prisoner; blushing, as he seems different, as well as charming, to her} I believe so...I honestly CAN’T remember even doing that!

???: I don’t know how to say it, but, between you and me, you’re not the only one, that has been framed. I know you’re innocent! You’ve TOTALLY been set up, for the same basic idea, as I was! Here; let me get you off the leash, first. {he crouches, and unhooks the leash} Who are you, anyways? The name’s Kyle.

Citlali: Oh, hey, Kyle. The name’s Citlali; pleased to meet you!

Kyle: I heard people mentioning you, only as “another prisoner that got arrested for serial murder”. Honestly, they didn’t even TAKE you, to court! I know that it’s VERY disturbing, here! That same basic idea happened to me, before.

Citlali: Do you have anything, that can cut the straps open, out of this strait-suit, that I made? I honestly can’t get out, because they sealed the straps, in with stitches.

Kyle: {looks at her straitsuit, and examines the straps} Not a clue. Other than the fact, that they REALLY got you stuck in it! Can you even try standing up?

Citlali: {she tries to stand up, but fails to do so, as her legs seem a bit disabled} I don’t know why, but I can’t get up! I don’t know why I’m saying this, and it’s REALLY strange at the moment, but, can you carry me out of this cell? Because I can’t get up!

Kyle: Oh, sure thing!
As Kyle carried Citlali out of the prison cell, within his arms, the bell soon rang, as the prisoners walked over, to the roll call room.
The two were officially by now, friends that are getting to know each other, as they met for the first time.

Citlali Mystery Origins - Prologue


18 March 2017 at 20:05:32 MDT

The first chapter, of my original fiction, that features my female character idea! A.k.a., the prologue!

After I reach either 100 watchers, on FurAffinity, or have at least 25 watchers here, on Weasyl, I will continue writing more of this, for sure!

Also, while the story isn't intended to be ULTIMATELY funny, (it DOES have it's serious side, to things) it is a rather unusual mystery fiction, that involves a main female protagonist.

= Everything in this fiction, as well as the fiction itself, is (c) by :"PrivateDoomsday"

P.S.; I shall be writing this, in ".txt" format, from now on!