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27 May 2014 at 14:36:07 MDT

A little Wildstar pre-early access idea I came up with.

WILDSTAR THREAD: https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/52894-waitingfornexus/
TUMBLR POST: http://prismahays.tumblr.com/post/87027484815/your-ship-will-depart-in-3-days-8-hours-and-58

"Your ship will depart in 3 days, 8 hours, and 58 minutes..."

Welp. We’re all stuck until our respective ships are ready to move out, aren’t we?

What are your characters doing while they wait?

I thought this would be a fun little project to undertake while we all wait for the day to come! It doesn’t have to be fancy— it can be a sketch, it can be MSpaint, who cares! Just have fun with it! It can be one picture, it can be a comic! My friend and I plan to do one picture a day until the 31st. ;’)

Show off your characters and their habits/quirks/personality!

EDIT: With Cryostasis being a thing, what would your character be dreaming of? Or come up with an idea (like above) of a situation without Cryostasis because I am silly and somehow forgot that massive detail!

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    hehe thats cute, i only found out about wildstar yesterday and i just preordered it!

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      Awesome! It's a purchase well made, that's for sure. Best MMO I've gotten my hands on to date. :') Hope to see you on Nexus, friend!