After the Banquet by Prince_Vaxis

After the Banquet


12 August 2014 at 10:12:27 MDT

Sometimes a Monarch has responsibilities that are less fun, such as banquets! Usually, those are quite boring, as his Murrjesty the Prince has to just sit on his fine little rear all day, entertaining pompous, high class guests and feeling his patience slipping away.

However, one thing that keeps his sanity intact, is the knowledge of whats going to happen after he retires from the banquet.

In this situation, the Prince had taken a liking to a handsome son of one of the Dukes lording over one of his provinces.

Undressed and ready, the Prince is most likely not going to be bored for much longer.

Artwork © Mrawl
Lyrian Species © Aimi
Prince Vaxis © Me