Early Evening Tease by Prince_Vaxis

Early Evening Tease


21 July 2014 at 14:41:53 MDT

Sometimes a monarch has that urge to show off what he has to offer. If a godlike, widely worshiped ruler takes a late afternoon dip in a secluded oasis, chances are that those very eager to see his majesty in such a sultry situation, have found a means to find out where it is.

But Vaxis is not one to shy away from curious eyes, and instead of getting upset and ordering his guard escort to get rid of them, he allows them to stay, and feast their eyes on a sweet little prince, who doesn't mind making his undressing especially drawn-out and sensual for their entertainment.

After all, isn't it the monarchs job to also serve his people~?

Artwork © Mrawl
Prince Vaxis @ Me
Lyrian Species © Aimi

(Please refrain from reposting elsewhere. This piece is copyrighted, all rights reserved. This fursona is not for public use in RP or otherwise, please refrain from using it. Art thieving(using this picture but renaming the fursona to make it your own), is strictly forbidden.)


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    Yeah I'm aware Mrawl's signature is mirrored because she made a derp and signed/submitted the picture while it was mirrored in the wrong direction :p

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    this is just not fair x///x;