Vaxi in Lingerie(SFW)[by Nasusbot] by Prince_Vaxis

Vaxi in Lingerie(SFW)[by Nasusbot]


15 February 2016 at 22:34:15 MST

I'm in the mood for some playtime. Wanna come join me~? *Purrrrs *

A gorgeous gift from Nassy, just a 'DAY' late for Valentine's Day X3 Ever the lovable sweetheart aren't you darling!? :D

Topless version can be found here:

Artwork © Nasusbot
Princess Vaxi © Me

By the way, there's a heart strings tugging story to go with this particular image!
4-5 years ago, I discovered this picture: and I absolutely fell in love with it. Many of my oldest friends from back then can attest to me using that image(with all due credit given to the actual owners of course!) as an avatar on the internet for a very long time. I've since, of course, stopped using it, as I think is evident, and now have Vaxi, and I thought to myself 'Well since I have my own character now...Why not put the final nail in that coffin, by getting a similar pic, but with Vaxi in it instead!?' And so I did, Nassy being ever the fantastic friend she is and opted to give me this one for free! So yeah, there's that :p