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My name is Charlotte but please do call me Lotte or other things you can come up with. Charlotte is for closest friend only.
Please don't call me Kitten either, only one person is allowed to call me that. Please respect my wishes.

As stated above, I'm a 19 yr old girl! But I behave like I'm much younger haha. Often called childish and you know? I'm fine with it <: I love to talk to people so don't be afraid to start a conversation with me!
I'm a huge cat and bunny lover, they're my favorite animals but who is nr 1? CATS. I love cats so much, you have no IDEA. I'm also a huge shipper and is in different kind of fandoms.
I may not seem like it but I am extremely shy and sadly suffer the lack of social skills. As I would like to call it. I actually have anxiety but thanks to dumb people around the website hating people who says they have the thing these days; I'm heavily uncomfortable saying I do have it. Yeah I said it now, but its just to clear a few things.

I would like to see myself as easy going and forgiving person. I rarely hate people so don't think I hate you if you do <: It takes a lot to make me hate you. I can easily forgive and has been called to have a gold heart, but that doesn't mean you should push me to my limits. I can be angry and bite back. I often let things grow and eat me on the inside because I'm stupid to not tell things right away, allowing it to become a problem. Also, I'm sorry if I say sorry a lot. I don't like messing things up. It's one of my fears actually. And I also fear to disappoint people so hah. But these fears doesn't stop me for wanting to spread happiness!


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