Not much of an artist but I sew rather well so if you want something sewed... :)

I have been assisting or running the Tiger Haven auction at Mephit Fur Meet since 2005. MFM is the only furry con I've ever been to and the only one you can find me at.

If you live near middle Tennessee or even just pass through sometimes, drop me a note, I often organize gatherings for the local furs and would love for you to join us.

I am happily married to IronTiger

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MFM Meme 2013

on 24 August 2013 at 19:22:00 MDT

Arrival and Departure:

Getting there Thursday afternoon, leaving Monday morning when I manage to drag myself away.

Staying at:

Main hotel

Mode of Transportation:

minivan (that I'll try to remember to write MFM bound on it)

Room Share:

I and my hubby IronTiger will be rooming with Wulfie and Kitty, two local fur friends. Hopefully not far from our friends Journye, Leonato, Sethor and Teric because harassing my minion Journye is a regular must.

Table Share:

I will share the Auction acceptance table with Journye and Cirrel because I don't want to do the auction alone!

Major Plans at the Con (so far):

Party at the KWKAT dance and raise lots of money for Tiger Haven

Artwork / commissions:

You can give me some to put in the auction. I'd lurve that. But I don't make artwork worth commissioning.


I have found the head is just too hot for me, so not certain if I'll take my partial

Attending Parties:

KWKAT dance party

How best to find me:

At auction acceptance, often wear my princess tiara (or find the big girl that you could swear has a twin and that's either me or my top minion :) )

Stage Performance:

not really, unless you count taking requests at the KWKAT dance, but I'm more of a stage sideline and IronTiger and Leonato are the front and center.


Mountain Dew...


Not around me! Keep at least three feet away and down wind, it messes with my breathing.


Have you showered recently? lol


sure, and know that even if I keep busy I am still listening.

What is your gender?


How old are you?


Can I give you lots of money?

For Tiger Haven, absolutely! In fact if you have spare money (would love at least 50$) bring it to me with your name, I'm hoping to compile a big gift to Tiger Haven and I can't do it alone!

If I see you, how should I get your attention?

Call out "Princess" "Buttercup" "Auction Lady" "Hey I got Stuff For You" etc :)

Can I take a picture of ya?

sure, just warn me so I don't look totally stupid

Are there any panels you might be attending?

Opening Ceremonies, Pizza Feed, Auction Acceptance, Auction, KWKAT Dance, Closing Ceremonies, Ice Cream Social and Doc Bolt will be doing something that I'll try to catch

Who will you hang out with during the convention?

IronTiger, Journye, Wulfie, Cirrel, Sethor, Kitty, Leonato and Teric for certain, I usually get to chat with Rabbit also for at least a bit, otherwise, as long as you have some basic social sense I likely wouldn't mind you joining.

Can I come with you for food/fun etc?

I'm not planning to eat out much (I'm a charity worker, so one step away from charity case lol) probably just Saturday night at the Hibachi I don't yet know how many will be going with me but talk to me at MFM and we'll see if there is space. If you play Ingress feel free to find me or IronTiger to discuss playing at some point over the weekend.

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