WIP The Fallonyr Biology (part 1, proto-illustration, roadmap) by Primonyr

WIP The Fallonyr Biology (part 1, proto-illustration, roadmap)


20 July 2020 at 15:12:10 MDT

What is a fallonyr ?

This booklet aims to state everything that is to know about their biology, describing their features and why they have them. In fact, this species has been created with coherency in mind.

For now, only the first part is done but it is the most important one since it describes how the species look. The other parts will come in later, I already have a lot of notes about them. I wrote a roadmap at the end of the file so you can get a glimpse of what's coming.
Also, you will notice all the *MISSING DOCUMENT*s. It has to do with the fact that I'm not good with drawing and I'm currently training to get better and propose decent artworks.
Note that it is still a work in progress, some details might change. I could also change the wording since I'm not a native English speaker.

One last important thing. The original concept of fallonyrs is mine, but you are free to make one yourself following these instructions, or just part of them, having your own view on the species. You are also obviously free to take inspiration from my work for yours.
If you make a fallonyr, feel free to notify me, I'd happily give you a pat on the shoulder ! But more importantly, have fun doing it ! I hope I gave enough liberties ^^ (spaghetti fallonyr when)

Any reproduction, adaptation or commercial use of my
work without my written consent is prohibited.

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    I'm already modifying my work, I've made quite some changes, but mainly wording.
    I found out I didn't remove the IR vision and didn't rework my part on the wings, welp, more work !
    I've mainly changed the parts on the talons and eyes so far.

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    I made quite a lot of changes, I detailed the hand part, remade a big chunk of the wing one, added a bit of details in the talon part, reworked the vision and removed some measurements in the overview section since they need a big rework. I might need help from someone who knows anatomy ratios and stuff for that, I'll see.

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    Update :

    A lot of things changed. I redid the head and legs architecture and polished the text. A roadmap is now available so you can see what's coming with the next updates.
    I also applied some styles and did a working table of content.