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Tales of Veneros Season 2 Opening 1 by Prim~and~Proper

Tales of Veneros Season 2 Opening 1


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I started this before my mate passed away. I'm glad I was able to show the parts I could to them. I've been playing with ignusvam's group for over a year in their setting... Tin had been playing long before me. I wanted to show my appreciation for the group, and the friends we had made in it. He really loved the world and the time we spent together.

Pretty much everything drawn is in reference to some scene during the campaign, or in side RPs. I wanted to open on one scene in particular that always warmed my heart, of Tin (long after his transformation into a strange and spooky gryph) flying with Tavia through the sky and letting them touch the clouds.

Thank you for every moment we had together Tin. This is going to be a memorial post... I'm probably going to do the other intros I had planned for this... He would of been excited for each and every one of them. Even if they might hurt to make. I won't ever forget the joy I brought to him with things like this. I know he'd never want me to stop. Thank you for everything. I can't stop thinking about how much I miss you.

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