Passing the Bataan by Predysipe

Passing the Bataan

Passing the Bataan


23 May 2016 at 14:44:43 MDT

strange lands we're shipped to
to maintain order
sightings of men we must not
allow quarter
they say to kill
is to unite
so why
must we still fight?

what does it mean
to be loved and lost?
why is this war
and what is the cost?
nothing can save me
from damnation
i'm a result of
cult of nation

they said they'd come back for us
just to save themselves
if they're so important
why aren't they in this hell?
fight to the last man standing
let the rest be damned
this is the cost of the power
we give to man
and nothing changes
we suffer the same mistakes
history is erased
to keep the winning stakes

blood being spilled to sate
the thrill of close combat
by moving pawns without
once making real contact
the trust given to those
that would not think twice
to kill your family at
the roll of their dice

give the war a second thought
and you will never ever be forgiven for it
join the effort to make a difference
and you will find you may not ever forgive yourself

Korg MonoPoly
ARP Omni Bass
Akai MPC-60
Roland MT-32

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