SCU Cheerleader Summertime by Predaguy

SCU Cheerleader Summertime


30 August 2014 at 09:12:29 MDT

Commission work for toms-mark
Inspired by that previous pic I did of a line-up of lovely anthrosaur ladies, here's a new one with SCU Gang characters, These girls are all part of the cheerleader team at SCU!
From left to right:
Amber the Allosaur, Jenna the Iguanodon, Laura the Lambeosaur and Jasmine the Utahraptor!

Did things a little differently for this one. I started the base sketch digitally, to allow for easier editing of small details and such. After the initial sketch was approved I printed it out in VERY LIGHT blue so I could draw over it in pencil and shade it and all that.
The light blue ink from the printer doesn't get picked up by the scanner, so that helps keep it clean in the end.

And at the same time I get more practice in with the tablet hahah so its a win-win

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    I'm loving Amber, Laura, and Jasmine, though I'm having trouble deciding which bikini I like most (might be Laura's, the checker pattern just pulls me in; Amber's is a close second). Excellent work.

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    They're all just so wonderful! I just have no idea what to say... :D