Sovi & Lynch 2: Dog Days of Transformers, A Michael Bay prod by PRAWST

Sovi & Lynch 2: Dog Days of Transformers, A Michael Bay prod


9 October 2012 at 02:45:00 MDT

Sovy threw a lot of money at me and told me to do something cool, so I imagined an early morning winter shoot out at a post-apocalyptic Edmonton transit station. Sovi was probably finding his way home along the abandoned line and stumbled across bandit scum who has him pinned down in a train.

This is also an attempt to play with LEN FLARE effects and other shinies I can pull off by hand. Kinda inspired by hungover mornings heading back from parties on the skytrain with light pouring into the train, lighting everything up like God's asshole.


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    This RULES SO MUCH, really captured a moment.

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      shootan boolets atmosphere adventure ahaha T-THANKS

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    yessS i love this one so much, double-mark on snout buddies, aw yeaaa, I love sovi's character.

    one day i will commission you for beautiful art like this ;_;

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      prat only has one big snout mark. Though WAY BACK IN THE DAY IT WAS A SQUIGGLE lol. slgsaljdg omg thatd be fun. AAAaaa gotta owe u for the hypno pix

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    This character almost looks like an old bud of mineee. I've always loved this picture, though. it's always drawing me to it when I see it and you really nailed the lighting. <3

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      I wanted to shoot for the overexposed 1990s camcorder look lol