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Displacement and Projection by PowderCat

Displacement and Projection


Some people are entirely committed to misunderstanding others.

It can be fascinating to watch others react to my works. They put so much of themselves and so many of their hang-ups onto me and the art that I create.

If you have ever worked with the public or been a figure in the public eye, no doubt you have experienced a slice of this. For artists though, this seems to be especially magnified. And as an artist, there may come a time in which someone basically projects their hang-ups onto you and then proceeds to have an argument with those hang-ups, basically ignoring you while using your work as a diving board to "explore" their own issues.

The quibbling over word choice is fascinating, too. People love to substitute their own words to express the same meanings, or to completely derail the point of the image entirely. I guess it ties into personal comfort and personal connotations. Different words trigger different reactions in people even when the meaning behind them is the same or similar.