It's okay to not have sex. by PowderCat

It's okay to not have sex.


2 July 2020 at 14:32:41 MDT

A father shiba inu to his son:

Even if you really like someone, it's okay to not have sex with them.
If you want an emotional connection, sex can often complicate things and can even deter that connection.
Sex can hurt us if we share it on uncertain terms, so be honest with the other person and be especially honest with yourself.

"If that emotional connection is not there, be willing to not have sex with them. Don't start a sexual relationship with someone that you know in your heart is not going to be compatible with you.

If that connection is not there, sex is not going to create it. It will only complicate it and make things worse. You may get enmeshed, and it may be harder to leave a relationship that is unhealthy for you."

The quotation (not the first part) is me paraphrasing Meredith Miller, who can be found at the following website and on her affiliated YouTube channel: