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Creating our Suffering by PowderCat

Creating our Suffering


We often use many tools with which we forge the materials of our very own suffering.
If only we would look up from our labour and climb down from such a great ignorance,
Then perhaps we could know peace and joy....

An excerpt from A Masked Drama of Rebirth,
Chapter 13 of The Tibetan Book of the Dead

(Herein is contained [a masked drama entitled] Natural Liberation of the Intermediate State of Rebirth: A Teaching Revealing the Natural Expression of Virtue and Negativity, in the Intermediate State of Rebirth; which is an extract from the Peaceful and Wrathful Deities: A Profound Sacred Teaching [entitled] Natural Liberation through [Recognition of] Enlightened Intention.)


Alas! How pitiful! How terrifying!
When one has obtained a human form,
One should proceed, with highly purposeful virtuous conduct,
On the path of liberation, where inferior rebirths are left behind;
And [thus] one is never separated from peace and happiness.
But on this occasion when you obtained a human life,
You threw away positive actions like dirt,
And seized upon negative actions,
For which reason you have wasted this highly meaningful human body,
Which is difficult to obtain.
Since you have done nothing at all, other than return empty-handed [from this life],
You are [only] carrying the burden of your negative acts!
How sad!


Ox-Headed Raksa:
Since it is your own doing, even though you may have regrets, what is the use of that! We have simply distinguished between truth and lies. If you had no responsibility for your past actions, then it would be meaningless for us to harm you. Now, as this is [the outcome of] your past actions, be off quickly {to the hells}!