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Comm: YCH compilation by Potato-chan

Comm: YCH compilation


5 October 2017 at 13:49:42 MDT

I do commissions: Commission Info
You can also contact me here (:

Here's a compilation of some of the YCHs I've made (:
They all are submitted on my adopt account weirdosaurus-adopts.
You should check it out if you like my art, and I sometimes submit YCH commissions there and they are cheaper than my usual commissions~

Here's the list if you wanna see the separate images:
Just black shorts, LE Evans, Stars in his eyes, Jazmine, Quinn, Saturn and Leila, Lance and Clay and Santino.

None of the characters are mine and belong to their owners.
Art © Me (Potatochan / PotatosaurusRex)

Find me elsewhere:
> deviantArt
> Instagram