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...And a Brighter Tomorrow [10] by Portmanpreau

...And a Brighter Tomorrow [10]


4 May 2014 at 01:41:36 MDT

Eleven years ago in March, I created several characters inspired by Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire, all Pokemorphs. While I've dropped a handful of them, six survived throughout the years and have become very important to me as well as the story I've been creating in my head. This is a short comic made in celebration of them.

FOR THE WEASYL CREW: Since my time here isn't as storied as it is on deviantArt, and since I'm not going to repost my entire dA archive (there's a lot there that's best left forgotten), I don't really expect you to know these characters. Please bear with me! You'll get to know them over time, I promise.


Ever since her inception, Allie has not liked wearing pants, and that's the real truth here.

OKAY SERIOUS PROPS IN ORDER HERE: My friend Pandy really helped me out through the entire creation of this beast. She was my storychecker, gave me feedback on various stages of arting, and supported me from start to finish. She's the best BFF ever. Thanks, Pandy <3