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...And a Brighter Tomorrow [3] by Portmanpreau

...And a Brighter Tomorrow [3]


Eleven years ago in March, I created several characters inspired by Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire, all Pokemorphs. While I've dropped a handful of them, six survived throughout the years and have become very important to me as well as the story I've been creating in my head. This is a short comic made in celebration of them.

FOR THE WEASYL CREW: Since my time here isn't as storied as it is on deviantArt, and since I'm not going to repost my entire dA archive (there's a lot there that's best left forgotten), I don't really expect you to know these characters. Please bear with me! You'll get to know them over time, I promise.

Dox is a fan of a certain online entertainment company. Is it too obvious?

Anyway, here are the remaining three who have survived through the past decade. I once again couldn't leave the exterior blank, so I did the thing and the thing looks pretty good IMO.

I suppose now's a good a time as any to say that, from the start I had intended on coloring the comic; unfortunately, money got tight and I needed to sell of my collection of Prismacolor markers that I've been steadily accumulating throughout the years. (Fun fact! I conceived the characters while working at an art supply store, and the first time I used Prismas, it was to color the pictures I drew of them!) This was my first serious undertaking in digital coloring, and it was...kind of a mess. I think I had five of the ten pages colored before realizing that the way I'd been doing it made the pages look tacky and amateurish. I scrapped the colors, sat on the idea for about a week while toiling away on other pages, started coloring them again, once again getting sick of them and deleting them.

Things only came together when I decided to make all of the background/foreground stuff straight, as opposed to sloppy, crooked freehand. I figured out that my coloring style didn't work well for detail shading, instead going for a less judicious look that was more complimentary.