Willkömmen zu Tarrvitae by Porsche (critique requested)

Willkömmen zu Tarrvitae (critique requested)


25 February 2013 at 15:45:22 MST

So ending 2012 with this revised map of my world. This version is more detailed as to were certain landmarks will be such as mountains and the like. I'm going to try to name them from left to right (some are still unnamed; assistance would be appreciated)

Gondwana (top wide land)

Laurasia (landmass just under Gondwana)

Ariel (just left of Laurasia)

Aüstwich (south east of Laurasia)

Lemuria (perfectly rounded island just off Gondwana and Laurasia)

Kenshi Isles (North by northeast of Aüstwitch

I do have some major cities pre planned but need a little more help to continue populating this world with names and residents :V

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    Interesting, I see all of the mythological influences that you intend to add in. For names, what I do is a I find an obscure language on some translator site (I've done it with Lithuanian for example, my char Rasva is a mangled word for 'reddish color'). Most cities and towns were named after their locations geography, or local history, the founders personal inspiration, and a bunch of other potential contingencies. Most countries/tribes etymologies ultimately traced to some variant of "our people." There is so much you can do here, you have a sandbox the size of Earth to play with!

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      Well, funny ye say this because most of the names here are based on real locations or depict strongly the nationality it will be a rendition of. For example, Kenshi Isles will be a rendition of feudal Japan. Aüstwich (a totally made up word, said as 'Oost-witch') is basically Australia, Gondwana is like Asia/Europe :)

      I'm saving the other side of this globe to be revealed later once I have that map finished, I seperated them for the reason of surprise since the main lore deals with this side of the globe only for now. Various side stories that involve other person's characters (if they choose to put their character in this world as their RP source) will showcase the entire globe, including the hidden side :3

      If there were a machine to tap into my thoughts and show what I was thinking, I'd likely fry it XD

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        So you're basically doubling the size of primeval Earth? Damn you are pretty ambitious. It reminds me of the trick Blizzard pulled with adding in Kalimdor to the Warcraft lore... after they got bored with Azeroth.

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          Well... I had this concept in mind

          Since it was so long ago (over 650 million years ago) things 'could' have played out differently and if there were intelligent life back then, what's to say they weren't on the verg of bettering themselves?

          This idea hit me because after the realization that the human race is approx 6-7 thousand years old, if ye contrast that to 1 million years, by golly there's a LOT of room for improvement :3 in my story's case, there's a lot of room for something indifferent. In current times of this story, they are actually on their verge of an industrial revolution as steam powered machinery, lite plumbing systems, and just all around simple machines are popping up to make life easier.

          Loooooot of research has been conducted into this project the past 5 or so years and while the work was grouling, it was great fun ultimately because he get to learn how the ancients did it contrast to our limpwrist ways. Like; if I'm hungry, I just dump a box of Helper into bunch of pots, bowls, and pans, voualah, tasty food to eat under an hour. If I wanted food in the olden days, I better get the bow-n-arrows, traps, and sacks out and hope I don't starve while hunting XD