Bead Sprite Badges by Poonya

Bead Sprite Badges


18 October 2012 at 14:06:29 MDT

Still taking commissions for these. If you'd like one, please send me a PM. =3

What you will get and about these badges:

  • Your character/fursona created in a pixel sprite style made with Perler beads.
  • The badges are roughly 5x5 inches at max, and will hang by a binder ring like these: http://www.harrywinston-engagementr.....nder-rings.jpg
  • I have a multitude of different colors, so matching character's with an assortment of colors should not be a major issue.
  • I also have glow in the dark beads to use on eyes/markings for those who request it.
  • I'm asking $20 per badge which includes the binder ring and shipping.
  • I will ship internationally, but will have to ask for an extra $5 per badge to cover the overseas charge.