redacteur VR walf by pools

redacteur VR walf


20 January 2014 at 20:30:23 MST

(reupload from FA — March 9th, 2013)

a gift for Redacteur, adapted from this piece!

lessons: blender is tough! 3D takes forever. more things are imprecise in this software than i would have thought. the satisfying result is more than worth it!

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    I've been learning to 3d model too, it's so tricky! I feel like it's one of those things that rewards you once you put enough practice in but is extremely frustrating until then. harsh learning curve n all that.

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      for sure! i've mostly given up on it to be honest, but i may pick it back up again. it's certainly nice to have something like this to remind me that i am capable of doing it, though :3

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        yeeahhh I've put it on the backburner of the backburner (need to do art before music, need to do music before 3d modeling) but I really want to get good ;0; wahhh

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    Ah man, I've always liked this little 3D Walf model!

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      thanks bud! :3

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    Oh man, I still love this and I'm pretty excited about animated gifs actually showing up properly!

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      heheh, glad to hear it! :3 and yeah, it's awesome how it shows up on my main profile page. no more broken weirdness!

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    heh cant help but be reminded of Lawnmower Man

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    it is beautiful