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12 December 2012 at 16:37:11 MST

not too much art this week. I went way overboard (and made the boobs way too big) experimenting painting with only the lasso tool in photoshop. I like the results alot but it's a very meticulous process that's not necessarily slow but requires a lot of thinking and planning

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    Whoa, nice :0

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    Ooh this is a really interesting look :o

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    The shading is very interesting! Simultaneously voluminous and flat in other areas. I say keep it as it is.

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    I really like how this experiment turned out! Painting with nothing but the lasso tool huh? Sounds like an intriguing idea, I'll have to try something like that for myself. I have to wonder exactly how you did this though? Was it some flat colors and a layer above it with dark brown, and you used the lasso tool to select areas to erase? Or maybe you used the gradient tool? I'm not overly familiar with PS so if you feel like sharing I'd be interested. :>

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      i started with a sketch (set at multiply) and blocked in a flat color layer below that (which was a dark color),

      then i created another layer above that flat color layer (with layer options to only paint on the below layer), and started painting in the white with the lasso tool and a really soft fuzzy brush.

      The lasso tool helps get those really fine sharp lines and the fuzzy brush for the soft gradient shading

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        Ahhh, that makes a lot more sense then what I was thinking, haha. I always do things the hard way. :> Thanks for the info!