Welcome to SnakeBite Studios on Weasyl! I'm a self taught hobbyist that does digital art, some occasional traditional work and sometimes dabbles with photography. I like drawing dragons and other winged fantasy creatures, birds and fan art related to whatever I'm into at the time, so expect to see a lot of this sort of stuff in my gallery! If I'm not drawing, I'm usually browsing the internet for inspiration, listening to music, watching cartoons or enjoying a gaming session!

My goal here is to share my work, gather feedback to help me improve my skills and maybe sell a few commissions on the side! So please, take a few minutes out of your day to help a fellow artist out and leave a few comments on my work, we're all here because we want some support after all! I'm always open to constructive critique and advice unless otherwise specified in the submission description.

I'm sorry, but I don't accept random friend requests. Friend requests are reserved for people I actually know.

All art in this gallery is copyright to A.P.Jordan and may not be reproduced, redistributed or used in any way without my permission. My work does not belong in the public domain.


Commission info
When I get a private message I expect it to be a commission related topic or order, so please leave general conversations on my profile or journal instead, thanks!

Open, 1/1 slots available


Art status
Commissions: Open

Free requests: Closed permanently

Art trades: Closed


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Username change

on 25 February 2020 at 17:43:45 MST

Hi folks, with the site recently adding the option to freely change usernames now, I've gone ahead and changed mine from SnakeBite-Studios to PlantFeathers in order to keep my UN consistent across all sites I post my work to! It's a change I've been wanting to make for quite a while, but never knew what the process was to get a new name without making a whole new account, so I'm very glad this new, easy to use feature now exists!

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