Zulraptors are OPEN! (free lineart) by Poketto-monsta

Zulraptors are OPEN! (free lineart)


5 July 2014 at 06:36:30 MDT

My facebook page Monsta illustrations finally hit 300 likes!! I'm making Zulraptors an open species as a result, so ERRYBODY CAN JOIN THE FUN!

This SHOULD be a transparent lineart submission, if all goes to plan, so you can use it in photoshop or Sai or whatever! As far as zullies colours go, there's no limit really! But whatever colour they're sporting tends to be darker around the neck (I might upload a basic colour guide or something soon)

Even though the species is now open, I'll still be doing one-off designs for people to adopt! Otther than that, HAVE FUN MAKIN' ZULRAPTORS GUYS!

If you do make one, I'd love to see what it's like! Also if you end up uploading it anywhere it's pretty much a given you'll have to credit the species to me, but other than that go wild!

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    sobbs into ms paint because I wants one

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      You should get a free art programme like Gimp that supports layers! (Or just totally legally download SAI if u know what I mean huehuehuehe)

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        I cant do layers man, like serious, I have SAI and another program that uses layers and I just cannot compute aha xD