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Sketch - Kess Body Study by Pogiforce

Sketch - Kess Body Study


Although I feel I have a good grasp on how to do thick, muscular characters, I realize I don't draw more moderate or traditional body shapes all that often. I see that as a problem, as in my mind what makes a good artist is not just technical skill, but the ability to apply that skill in a broad spectrum of scenarios. Which means I can't just draw muscle girls for the rest of my life.

Kess, Ssera's adoptive sister, is a moderately built woman by design. feminine, toned but not TOO toned, healthy bust but not overly breasty, she is meant to embody the traditional beauty as commonly depicted in every day american media. This was both a practice at drawing a Terrakin other than Ssera, as well as a practice on drawing body types other than the overly muscular. It also ended up being a redesign of Kess's spine style, as I realized that how I had her spines styled in the race bio is pretty ugly and unrealistic from any other angle.

Any constructive critique of this piece is greatly appreciated, i'd like to know how i could better draw women who aren't piled high with muscle.

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