Hellkats Page 9 by Poecat

Hellkats Page 9


20 May 2015 at 08:40:23 MDT

Hellkats Page 9 has been uploaded! Find the rest of the comic here: http://hellkats.poecatcomix.com/?comic=page-9-2

Hellkats has been updated up to page 14 for Patreon members! :3 Consider being a patron! https://www.patreon.com/poecatcomix

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    Should not... be this attracted to... those male cats...
    In other words, I'm not sure what this comic is about, but I'm gonna check it ouuuut

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      In other words is the wrong phrase I wanted to use but I can't edit
      I meant "ALSO"
      But I am tired

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        LOL I know how that is X3 And I hope you like the comic! :3 And if you like Hellkats.... maybe you will like Nightshift: http://nightshift.poecatcomix.com/

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          I absolutely LOVE Hellkats so far, its the closest I've gotten to becoming a patreon. But living paycheck to paycheck idk how much I could help with that, so I might just buy a commission, or donate via paypal.
          And I'll go check that one out right now too! Thank you!

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            No worries... we live paycheck to paycheck too. So I totally understand ^_^ If you'd like a commission some time, let me know. I'm glad you enjoyed Hellkats.

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              Totally, lemme see what I can round up. My paypal accepts money from others, and sends it out, but doesn't hook up to my bank account, so I have to ask around if any of my friends would be willing to give me paypal money in exchange for cash. I should have my answer for you soon.

              Also I'm loving nightshift, its got a real 80's feel to it