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I am Jennzies from FA!
But you can address me as Plum, Princess, Dog lady;
whatever floats your boat

My other half vallhund
Likes to draw 'cute' but also 'gore' stuff
Still trying to work out my own style!
Really likes tea

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STREAMING in a few + iron artist

on 23 September 2015 at 13:13:36 MDT

I'm going to stream in a little bit! Working on animating something very simple and taking in stream flat colors like usual. Will post a journal and submission reminder when I do!

I have a 21$ Iron Artist sale going on!
Lots of slots still availalbe! They are also halloween/fall themed!
Check out this link on how to get a slot!!

Hope your guyses week has been good! I've been mostly busy being sick and researching schools this past week. I have three already on my list of possability, leaning more on the two than the third one. But other than being sick and doing mini homework of my own my week has been stress free and I've been feeling a lot better about things than usual. Hopefully the next few months are kind to me and this stays consistent!

Anyways, thanks for reading~

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    Love your art style!

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      ❤ Thank you ;;

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        Very much welcome! Would love to do an art trade with you sometime! :D

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    Thanks for the follow! :)

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    You are the best! I am SO sorry for bombarding you with edit emails, I am the worst ;3; I don't commission people like ever so heh...

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    Woah, seriously, lady. You are so talented! I love your art!

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      Eeeee. thwanks :> we should art trade some time!